Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'll Just Write Nothing 3

This 'con was super mini, but I really liked it. It was reassuring to know I'm not the only person in Denver who's thinking these thoughts. Don't misunderstand, a lot of the comics were wretched and the creators shouldn't be seeking publishing. One guy told me that I could write a comic any time I wanted. In fact, “you don't even have to worry about drawing good, unless you obsess over things like story, art, and layout.” His comics were possibly the worst, unsurprisingly. But you'd be hard pressed to find more useless advice than, “you don't have to worry about learning how to do anything in order to do anything.” There was a guy there whose work was done with wood burning, and his stuff was amazing.

I had two favorites, however. The first is Big Head Press, whose books looked professional. Professionally put together and professional grade art. I really wanted to buy a couple, but I didn't have money enough. The best artist at the show by a league and a fortnight was Leila Del Duca. Oh my god does she know her shit. Her inks are amazing. Whenever I write a book, I want her to be on art so bad.

Unfortunately, she led to some household stress, which actually added to my difficulty in writing. My sweet wife, the best woman I know, felt jealous that I was oggling this girl's art. Understandable, but I declare before the internet that had Leila been a dude with art as good as hers, I would have oggled equally, and in fact did at other booths wherein the artist was present. I didn't even spend the most time at her booth (that would be podcast hero Spinner Rack's booth). Seriously. I don't know if Wife will ever read my blog, she doesn't have to, but I can't stress to her enough that she has no reason to be concerned. No woman on earth can compete with Wife.

But it was really awesome. The morning was great, and it was awesome to see these people doing their art. It got me so excited that this conversation would loop back to Alan Moore if I continued. My problem right now is that I don't really have a story to apply to the comic medium. My pal at Abraxas and I are sort of cofounders of a company with which we hope to make various entertainment stuffs. If Leila were to come work with us, we might have her set to graphic novelizing a few of the scripts we got laying around.

So that's where I am. 3 bloglets of stuff that's been crammed in my neural space for a few days now. I hope that when I reintroduce regularity, the braintap will again flow freely.

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